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Central Vacuum Master company is your central vacuum repair and installation specialist, we service and repair all makes and models of Central vacuum cleaners, such as: MD silent master, BEAM, Nutone, Vacumaid, Electrolux, Vacuole, and Drainvac. We also address any other issues related to your central vacuum system like handle clogs, weak suction, loud motor issues and any other problems related to your central vacuum system.

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A central vacuum cleaner (also known as built-in or ducted) is a type of vacuum cleaner appliance, installed into a building as a semi-permanent fixture. Central vacuum systems are designed to remove dirt and debris from homes and buildings, sending dirt particles through tubing installed inside the walls to a collection container in a remote utility space. The power unit is a permanent fixture, usually installed in a basement, garage, or storage room, along with the collection container. Inlets are installed in walls throughout the building that attach to power hoses and other central vacuum accessories to remove dust, particles, and small debris from interior rooms. Most power hoses usually have a power switch located on the handle.

Central vacuum system benefits:

  • Power : Central vacuums have three to five times more power than traditional vacuums.
  • Health :With central vacuum systems that exhaust completely out of the home, no dust or allergens can be recirculated through the interior air, as is the case with portable vacuum.
  • durability: While portable vacuums need to be replaced other year, central vacuum systems can easily last 10 years with proper maintenance
  • Advantage: A central vacuum system increases the resale value of your home by approximately $2000. Makes vacuuming a quieter experience – Since the power unit is tucked away in your basement, garage, or utility room, the noise from a central vacuum system is significantly reduced.
  • Cost: A properly installed central vacuum system has 3 to 5 times more suction than portable vacuum cleaner, Over a course of few years customer will be able to save money Vs spending money on a regular vacuum every year.